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Should I sell Bitcoins Instantly

Yes, it would be best if you sold bitcoins instantly in 2020 as we all know that this year is bad luck for all. We have seen 90% wrong things happening. Maybe a cryptocurrency, especially BTC, fall again. It was at its peak during the year 2019, but during 2020, 400% of rates tremendously dropped, and we all were shocked to see this happening. Bitcoin is not predictable, but we are just sharing our experience with you might be possible this guide will help you save your USD. Due to COVID-19, the world was facing great crises at that time; Cryptocurrency Bitcoin maintained its position. The price of one Bitcoin cash and BTC is almost the same before the corona outbreak and now.

Not only that, but COVID-19 may have positive effects on all cryptocurrencies. The reason behind this is to stop spread corona. according to WHO, "Paper currency and coins are the sources of COVID separation." I talked about this with my doctor, and he suggested I not use fiat cash.

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He further added that Fiat currency is a beneficial medium for bacteria and viruses to spread. Because, these notes and coins travel through several hands before one gets it. So, the use of bitcoin and other cryptos are increasing during the outbreak of the China virus. People don't want to take any risk in life and using Crypto and other digital currencies.

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