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The great mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin. It is digital currency created in 2009. A most revolutionary product for financial system in the history. Bitcoin white paper is complete concept to understand it in a simple way. The Bitcoin major and promising feature is lower transaction fee then the traditional payment system. It also have very unique feature, that it works without the influence of any third party, government or central government. Keep in mind, Bitcoin is issued or backed by any of the government. it is challenging the government bodies worldwide. There is no physical existence of bitcoin, it is only on screen screen currency. it is only digital product. No body can touch or feel it. So it can not store physically. Balance are kept online in the wallet. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded and verified through the system know as blockchain. Sell Bitcoin at Best Price instantly Online For Fast Cash Safe secure biggest digital currency live marketplace to sell bitcoin at best price online for fast cash instantly withdraw money in real time automatically.

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