Bitcoin is internet cash and popular payment system in today's world. Any one can start using bitcoin without evening knowing the technical details of it. It is so easy to start, simply install bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile device. Once the btc software will be installed successfully, it will automatically generate your first address to receive funds on it. This is also known as public key. You can give this address to any one so that you could be get paid on it. You can disclose this public key bitcoin address to any one, your friends family etc. Once you receive money on it, you can pay it to any body you want. The blockchain is shared public ledger where all the transaction detail available on it. Any one can look it. you can see all type of transactions like unconfirmed, confirmed and spendable balance etc. This is very new type of money and as easy as email. Sending and spending btc is amazing as compare to any other payment system of the world. Professional private company exchange bitcoin to western union us dollar live instant money sell send btc online conversion fast easy USA Europe coinbase Bitcoin to Western Union fast conversion.

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