Bitcoin is online digital money, that can be touched or feel, it is totally live on the screen only. Bitcoin is first cryptocurrency in the world. it is so easy to use. There is wallet to keep the balance in it. Wallet comprise public key and private key which is long strings of letters and numbers. There is mathematical encryption algorithm to create these keys. Public key is wallet address that can be given to any one to receive funds on it. Private key is secret code to spend this funds. Transaction in bitcoin means, transfer of value between users from one wallet to an other. Blockchain is public ledger where all the transactions are being recorded. This is proof of the transactions. Transaction need confirmation to be finally settled it may take up to 10 minutes approximately to be confirmed. Bitcoin is process of calculation and computation so independent people also take part in it to provided sources. This process is know as Bitcoin mining. Miners get rewards for their efforts and receive btc balance. Reputed five stars officially licensed company to Exchange Bitcoin to Skrill USD Euro transfer btc to skrill moneybookers best price live online market rate Exchange Bitcoin to Skrill USD Euro Moneybookers BTC Skrill.

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