Bitcoin is in fact private payment system. That also focus on the customer's privacy. All transactions are view-able publicly on the bitcoin wallet address. Bitcoin wallet address is account to deposit and spend money. Any one can get bitcoin account to take part into it. To take financial privacy, a new bitcoins can be generated easily for time to time or for each transaction. The price of coin is not fix, it is always on move. it totally depend on the demand of the people. The supply is fix for ever it is only 21 millions, it can not be changed any time. As the buyer increase the rate per coin goes up. According to the research, University of Cambridge, in February 2015, more then 100,000 merchants are accepting bitcoin as payment system. But the major popularity was gained in the year of 2017. At the end of 2017, it is estimated, more then 10 millions people using bitcoin in the world. is professional automatic Exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money Account sell PM dollars for USD instant Cash sell bitcoin to perfect money Exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money Account USD instant Cash.

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